Biological Age Assessment
We all want to enjoy the benefits of great health: vitality, boost of energy, mental clarity, fertility, longevity, genetic integrity etc. However even if we do not suffer from heart attack, stroke, advanced heart failure, end stage cancer, dementia or severe asthma – we still wake up with tiredness and brain fogg, experience digestive and joint issues that does not allow us More»



Dr Jolanta Libura graduated from Medical School at the Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and started her Internal Medicine and Oncology training at Warsaw University Hospital. Her PhD project was focused on the molecular basis of breast cancer development as part of the Postgraduate School of Molecular Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw.

She advanced her qualifications and professional experience during multiple clinical and postdoctoral trainings at the very prominent medical centers including University of Basel in Switzerland, Penn University Hospital in Philadelphia, the Institute of Cancer Genetics at the Columbia University and New York-Presbyterian Columbia University Medical Center in New York, USA.

Her personal interest and the professional hobby is the impact of nutrition and life style modifications on human epigenetics that can result in prevention , treatment and reversal of chronic diseases. Therefore, her second passion and specialization beside Internal Medicine is Nutritional and Functional Medicine.

In her Medical Practice Dr Libura is viewing the patient as one integrated system, not a collection of independent organs. She is dedicated to treat the root of the medical problems, not just the symptoms.