Biological Age Assessment
We all want to enjoy the benefits of great health: vitality, boost of energy, mental clarity, fertility, longevity, genetic integrity etc. However even if we do not suffer from heart attack, stroke, advanced heart failure, end stage cancer, dementia or severe asthma – we still wake up with tiredness and brain fogg, experience digestive and joint issues that does not allow us More»




Extensive Internal Medicine consultations help you to assess where you are on your Personal Health journey. Within Internal Medicine Clinic we offer range of services that usually covered by most of Health Insurance Plans (please call for eligibility check) that include:


  • Complex Internal Medicine Consultations
  • Initial Health Assessment,
  • Regular check ups and follow ups for most of chronic diseases including management of Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Asthma, Allergies etc,
  • Preventive Medicine,
  • Extended Blood Work that includes:
    • Advanced Cardiovascular Testing to uncover hidden Risk for Heart Attack and Stroke
    • Inflammatory Biomarkers that can assess the level of oxidative stress and systemic inflammation,
    • Diagnostic panels to assess the integrity of intestinal mucosa,
    • Hormonal balance,
    • Testing for Immune Imbalances and presence of autoimmune disorders,
    • Levels of minerals and micronutrients to assess nutritional status;
  • Advanced Imaging to evaluate presence of organic disorders and direct further care
  • EKGs, UltraSound
  • Discussion of results
  • Clinical Assessment
  • Management plan including medication prescription, subspecialty referrals and General recommendations for Nutritional Therapies