Biological Age Assessment
We all want to enjoy the benefits of great health: vitality, boost of energy, mental clarity, fertility, longevity, genetic integrity etc. However even if we do not suffer from heart attack, stroke, advanced heart failure, end stage cancer, dementia or severe asthma – we still wake up with tiredness and brain fogg, experience digestive and joint issues that does not allow us More»



Nutrition and Functional Medicine Clinic offers range of services and testing that are meant to assist you more closely on your path to reclaim your health.


  • Onsite Nutrition Consultations with follwoing personalized Health and Nutrition assessment Report including metabolic profile, nutrition status, and hormonal balance;
  • Medical Weight Loss Program,
  • MD-supervised Detox therapies
  • Nutritional recommendations with individualized plan and protocols
  • Food sensitivity tests,
  • Heavy Metal testing, 
  • Intestinal Health Evaluation,
  • Individualized supplementation plan,
  • Optional: 2 week/1 month menu plan,
  • Body Composition Analysis to evaluate and monitor changes in body fat and muscle mass, BMI, biological age, evaluate the risk of health problems such as obesity type 2 diabetes, or metabolic syndrome,
  • Telemedicine Nutritional Consultations


Nutrition therapy and prevention of multiple health problems:

  • High Blood pressure, Hypercholesterolemia, 
  • Coronary artery disease,
  • Dementia,
  • Fertility problems and nutritional optimization before pregnancy,
  • Immune imbalances and Autoimmune conditions including hypothyroiditis, Lyme Disease, 
  • Vitamin deficiencies,
  • Hormone imbalances,
  • Leaky Gut condition,
  • Nutritional therapy in cancer management,
  • Cancer-preventing diet